Weight loss hypnotherapy – is it really possible?

A study carried out in the U.S. indicated the effectiveness of weight loss with hypnotherapy. The research involved two groups of obese patients with one group receiving hypnosis alone and the other group receiving both hypnosis and an audio recording. A third group, known as the control group, received verbal instructions only. At the end of the study, both of the groups using hypnosis for weight loss had lost an average of 17 pounds per person.

Whereas in the control group the participants had each gained half a pound! If you wish to read more about studies carried out regarding the effectiveness of hypnotherapy and hypnosis as a weight loss method, please click here. The Hypnodieting Programme; developed here in the UK; has been specially designed through a combination of Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural (CBT) techniques to address the emotional eating habits and behaviour traits that forever seem to sabotage success.

Mindful Eating – What does it really mean?

The non-diet diet programme, in essence – the four simple words: ‘eat less, exercise more’ are the complete answer to the problem facing countless thousands of people struggling to control or lose weight. So can you lose weight through hypnotherapy? How does Hypnodieting weight loss hypnotherapy and mindful eating work?

It is an undeniable and unfortunate truth that for the majority of individuals dieting simply does not work. Indeed, instead of leading to permanent weight loss, diets in the long-term seem progressively to make matters worse. Research shows that one year after the start of a diet, 97% of dieters are as heavy, or even heavier, than they were at the beginning. So often there are issues with ’emotional eating’ which must be resolved alongside the physical diet ‘plan’. The weight loss hypnotherapy that is an integral part of the Hypnodieting Programme is designed to help you make that sustainable change in behaviour and attitude which will enable you to make that weight loss permanent .

The Hypnodieting  way:

Firstly, it boosts motivation; so that not only are you are much more likely to want to complete the Programme, you will also look forward to continuing with this new and natural lifestyle choice even after you have achieved your target weight. Secondly, through building a deep understanding of what success truly means to you as an individual; you are able to establish clear-cut, realistic and achievable goals. By developing a strong desire to take care of yourself in a wonderfully supportive and encouraging way, you eliminate the tendency to “self-sabotage” when success is in sight.

During your Hypnodieting Programme you will learn interesting and natural new ways to re-establish the body’s natural weight control processes that are so often sabotaged by harsh diet regimes; and how to eat in a healthy and satisfying way without feeling “deprived”. Hypnodieting will also show you and how just a simple shift in the way you think about exercise can have an incredible impact on your wellbeing. Finally, day by day, your confidence and self-esteem will grow as you begin to establish wonderful new habits – the new Hypnodieting habits that will boost your metabolism and allow your body to naturally begin to shed excess weight. You will continue enjoying this new lifestyle long after the therapy is completed.

Tell me more:

The Hypnodieting Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Programme is designed to run over six sessions. Each session is completely directed toward you as an individual, and last around one hour. All sessions are completely confidential and your therapist will explain fully how Hypnodieting is not a quick-fix; but a long-term lifestyle solution for permanent weight loss.

What is Gastric Band Hypnotherapy?

With the Hypnodieting Programme, weight loss through Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is only part of the story. Most importantly, the vital emotional connection with food is fully explored and addressed, so that previous unhelpful or self-destructive behaviours can be controlled. The weight loss through hypnosis element of the Programme helps you to ‘feel full naturally’, and the “virtual” gastric band is simply a component of this process, and not – as in many other methods – all of it.

Free Consultation:

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