Weight Loss Hypnotherapy On LBC

Much coverage in the press on the story of a lady desperate to lose weight – having tried ‘everything’ in the past – having a very interesting hypnotherapy session in Marbella. Here she underwent a series of sessions during which it was suggested to her that she had undergone surgery to insert a gastric band for her. The entire scenario had been re-created for her; from the ‘tour’ of the operating theatre to the experience of coming out from under a general anaesthetic. And it had worked! Her subconscious had accepted the suggestions, and she now felt unable to eat in anything like the same proportions that she had previously, and subsequently had lost weight drastically.

This had been discussed in the media all day long, and the phone-ins were having a field day!

Clive Bull on LBC expressed some genuine interest in how the procedure might have worked, and I thought I’d call in and help explain it. Hypnodieting, or weight loss hypnotherapy is an area that I have long specialised in, and so I felt it might be interesting for the listeners if I shared some of my experiences. It was around midnight when I called, and got through almost immediately. Clive was his usual affable self. (If ever there was a true ‘Gentleman of the Airwaves’ it would undoubtedly be he). I began by explaining a little about how the subconscious works, and that the gastric-band procedure had almost certainly been so effective because this particular image or scenario was in accord with the client’s own perception of the most effective way to lose weight. She had come to the conclusion (assisted no doubt by her therapist) that if she were to undergo such an operation, this would be the answer to her weight problem. She therefore needed no great shift in thinking to accept that if she were to believe that she had indeed undergone surgery, she would be eating a great deal less, and therefore she must as a consequence, begin to shed the pounds. The hypnotherapist therefore then had to work on getting her to invest her belief subconsciously that the procedure had taken place, and the more detail that is put into the scenario, the more readily the mind will accept it. The subconscious mind has no critical facility, and cannot tell the difference between something real and something imaginary. So if the experience is ‘real’ enough for the mind to accept it, then the body will begin to react as though the procedure had genuinely taken place.

This is the basis of suggestive hypnotherapy, and why it is such an incredibly powerful tool for change.

Clive was fascinated enough to put my details on his blog, and sure enough, the following day brought a veritable deluge of enquiries for all areas of my practice. From smoking cessation to weight loss; and from dealing with fears and phobias to insomnia. As is so often the case though, most enquiries were for help with unmanaged stress and anxiety. More callers this time for the Highgate Hypnotherapy practice instead of Radlett. Could the new City Therapy Centre that we’ve opened in Radlett already be having a calming effect on the good citizens of Hertfordshire?

So thank you for this Clive, and hope to be speaking to you again soon.

Should you wish to listen to the conversation between Clive and me, just Click Here