Relationship Problems – an issue of our time?

In a time when we’re more connected than ever before, why are so many of us struggling with relationship problems?

“What is this relationship telling me about myself?”

Our interactions with those closest to us can be the greatest source of both joy and unhappiness.

How is it that that ones we love can so often seem to be the cause of so much pain?

We all form countless relationships throughout our lives, and there will be many times when the problems that we face within these relationships can seem insurmountable.

It is at these moments that we might decide to seek help – perhaps initially just to talk to someone who might help us throw some light on to the nature of our difficulties.

Talking through the problems you face in your own relationship is the first step in bringing about resolution.

Through giving a voice to the issues you are struggling with, you can begin to find some clarity and begin the all-important process of mending and healing.

I regularly see people seeking help with relationship problems at all my practice locations – in North London in Highgate, in Radlett (Herts), in South Woodford in East London, and also from my City of London (Bishopsgate) practices.

Get in touch now for an informal discussion about the difficulties you currently face, and let the healing begin. An initial consultation is without charge, and can usually be arranged at short notice.

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