Using Hypnotherapy and CBT to overcome difficulty with public speaking or sports performance.

Having to speak in public, or to take part in a performance or sports event, is a cause of anxiety or even panic for many people.

The event does not have to be huge, nor important. If you suffer Performance Anxiety, even teeing off first in front of peers or being asked to present to half a dozen colleagues can be distressing.

Using Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, we can diffuse the anxiety brought on by the thought of being in the spotlight, and help you to deal with situations of this kind comfortably and successfully.

Some common difficulties with public speaking and sports performance.

Being in the spotlight alone can result in a range of anxieties and psychological responses. When this is combined with expectations of professional performance, this effect can be heightened.
  • Excessive anxiety in run up to an event is common, affecting many people required to speak in both work-related and social situations. Some athletes are similarly impacted. Such anxieties can interfere with preparation for the event itself.

  • Panic at the thought of speaking or competing is also a difficulty I see frequently. Regardless of previous trouble-free experience, you develop a panic response when faced with the thought of having to speak or compete in front of a crowd.

  • Inability to perform well or at all as a result of anxieties or panic is also common. This can of course be career-threatening for athletes, performers, business or public figures, or even teachers whose position depends to some measure on their ability to perform before a crowd.

2 weeks ago I presented a PowerPoint presentation to senior management at work and 1 week ago I stood up in front of a room full of wedding guests and read a poem at a friend’s wedding. A year ago I’d have run for the hills!


Each client’s situation and difficulties will suggest its own approach, but therapy for public speaking and sports performance difficulties will generally involve a combination of approaches.

My approach to difficulties with public speaking and sports performance.


Hypnosis can enable you to ‘rehearse’ a particular situation, event or performance mentally, just as though it were actually happening, and to create the outcome as you would desire it to be. This results in increased confidence and so a greater likelihood of success when undertaking the real event.


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is often helpful in developing alternative thinking patterns which can help you to ‘reframe’ an existing, fear-inducing memory or imagined outcome into one in which you perform successfully and without problem.


Mindfulness, which is an excellent ‘mental maintenance’ tool, is an invaluable self-help approach with which to take control of fears, anxieties and triggers as they appear, and so suppress or negate their impact.

Paul Levrant. Hypnotherapy, CBT and Mindfulness for public speaking and sports performance issues.

It falls to many of us to speak or perform in the spotlight, and I’ve been working with clients for whom this presents a challenge for many years. Having come to train as a therapist in mid-life, following a long and often stressful career in business, I practice Hypnotherapy, CBT, and Mindfulness, all of which approaches are relevant to managing situations of this kind. 

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