Using Hypnotherapy and CBT to help manage IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

Dealing with the pain, bloating and other physical discomforts and inconveniences of Irritable Bowel Syndrome is exhausting and limiting.

If you also develop anxieties around your ability to lead a normal life with the condition, the effect is two-fold: not only are the anxieties likely to escalate and become obstructive, but they may also aggravate the physical symptoms of the condition.

Using Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, anxieties relating to IBS can be overcome very effectively, helping you to regain control of the condition and its impact on your life.

How IBS may be affecting you. 

‘IBS’ generally describes a group of intestinal symptoms occurring and endured simultaneously. These vary in severity and duration from one person to another. Their impact, while usually not dangerous, can certainly impair quality of life. There are several impacts that I encounter frequently amongst clients. 

  • Pain, embarrassment and discomfort are extremely common. Cramps, gas, bloating and other bowel effects mean that not only must the pain be endured, but surviving the day, or even a short event, is challenging.

  • Letting ‘safety behaviour’ take over is also something clients often report. Rather than risk having to manage an attack in a work or social situation, you begin to avoid those situations completely.

  • Feeling helpless and as if you’ve lost control is also common. Believing that there’s no remedy and no way to alter the situation, you may feel vulnerable and at the mercy of something you cannot influence.

“Thanks for seeing me so quickly Paul – and I am so relieved that you understood this really embarrassing problem with such consideration and kindness. I’m feeling so much better after our last session that I had to just write this email to let you know. 


My approach to helping manage IBS. 

As with any physiological condition aggravated by anxiety and stress, the role of a therapist is twofold: to try to help you experience the condition less; and to be able to manage it better when it does occur.


Hypnotherapy is extremely useful in enabling me to help you physically ‘relax’ the abdomen to create a state of calmness and control with which to manage attacks.


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is also highly effective. This lets us challenge habitual ‘safety behaviours’ you may be adopting. For example, this may include forcing yourself to stay in until you are certain you have voided, even if your system shows no sign of needing to void.


As in so many conditions that I assist clients with, Mindfulness, which is an excellent ‘mental maintenance’ tool, can be an invaluable in helping you self-manage the feeling of needing to void at the moment you experience this.

Paul Levrant. Hypnotherapy, CBT and Mindfulness for help in dealing with IBS.

IBS is an extremely common condition, and I have been assisting clients in coping with it for many years. Having come to train as a therapist in mid-life following a long and often stressful career in business, I practice Hypnotherapy and CBT, and make use of Mindfulness, all of which can assist with IBS-related problems.

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