What is Public Speaking And Stage Fright?

Fears around public speaking and stage fright are often referred to as Performance Anxiety.

For those who don’t experience this quite often extremely distressing condition, it may be hard to understand the impact this can have on people’s lives. It manifests itself in many different ways, from a simple classroom recitation to that best-man’s speech; from amateur dramatics to a work presentation. Even that fear of teeing off first in front of your peers at the local golf-club tournament can strike real terror into those who unable to cope with this condition.

Public Speaking And Stage Fright Hypnotherapy – how does it work?

Often when performance anxiety becomes established, the sufferer will go to extreme lengths of behaviour in order to avoid being exposed to any situation that might involve ‘standing up’ in front of others. In some cases, this can lead to a genuinely phobic condition, and even to depression. There are many people who can control their response enough to actually proceed with the task that is required of them, but are still under extreme duress and discomfort. They may experience a bout of anxiety so intense that are actually physically sick before the event.

There are famous actors and performers of stage and screen who have had to push themselves through this barrier daily in order to function in their chosen profession. There tend to be four stages in the development of public speaking and stage fright anxiety. These are summarised here:

  • Anticipation: the nervous, negative, and largely unrealistic thoughts and mental images you experience in the minutes, hours, days and weeks (sometimes months!) before a scheduled performance.
  • Avoidance: when you avoid performance situations because of fear, you unfortunately strengthen and maintain the stage fright. It prevents you from having the helpful experience of coping with the anxiety, and leaves you instead with the impression that you’re not coping.
  • Anxiety and Panic: the fearful symptoms you experience during your performance before an audience. These symptoms may include physical sensations such as laboured breathing, sweating, racing heart and dizziness, as well as numerous fearful thoughts and anxiety.
  • Appraisal: the period after a presentation, when you rate your standard of performance. This is when the negative thoughts (e.g. ‘could have done so much better’) can become established that lead to even less confidence about the next experience.

The Hypnowellness approach to  public speaking and stage fright hypnotherapy utilises visualisation and behavioural techniques enhanced through the power of hypnotic suggestion. This will help the client to accept and work with the fear, allowing them to give their main focus to the performance.*

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*Disclaimer: As is common in therapy, results may vary from individual to individual and no specific outcome can be promised or guaranteed. Your therapist will however, endeavour to accomplish the objective of your sessions to the best of his ability.