Using Hypnotherapy and CBT to help with dealing with depression.

One in five of us now experiences some form of depression at some time.

The onset can be difficult to spot in yourself, but while everyone gets an occasional day of ‘feeling a bit down’, when this becomes a regular occurrence or even a permanent state of mind, some help is usually needed.

While some depression does require medical intervention, Hypnotherapy, CBT and Mindfulness can all be highly effective tools in helping to manage the condition.

How depression may be affecting you.

‘Depression’ is a generic term used to label a broad range of experiences. For some people, depression is a lifelong adversary, while for others its appearance may be short-lived and brought on by the trigger of a particular event or situation.

  • The loss of the ability to enjoy life, which doctors refer to as Anhedonia, is perhaps the single symptom of depression I see most frequently. It’s an easy condition to neglect or to refuse to acknowledge as it begins to take hold, but its impact can be significant and lasting.

  • Feeling as though a current low mood will last forever is also common, and this too is a form of depression. Despite understanding that there was a ‘before’ and so can very well be an ‘after’, you still have the feeling that the pain you are experiencing will now have to be endured for ever.

  • Losing interest in self-care also happens a lot in cases of depression, with clients uninterested in clothes, grooming and very often even in eating.

Paul helped me overcome my anxiety and depression in a such a natural way. He was always there when I needed him. As a person he is a very caring and honest man… I would recommend Paul to anyone who has a mental health issue.

Miss Davis

My approach to dealing with depression.

No two people experience depression in exactly the same way, and so I avoid being prescriptive about the most suitable approach to adopt to help manage it. However, my core therapies and tools can all play important roles in helping clients deal with depression.


Hypnotherapy can be extremely valuable in addressing depression, allowing me to gently relax your sub-conscious and help you to re-experience vital feelings of joy.


CBT can also be very helpful, as its blend of cognitive and behavioral therapies can make it useful in identifying and modifying current thoughts to build a more positive outlook.


Although not a therapy in itself, I have found that by helping clients to experience and process thoughts and feelings in the present, the ’mental maintenance’ exercise of Mindfulness can be extremely helpful in countering depression.

Paul Levrant. Hypnotherapy, CBT and Mindfulness to help counter depression.

I have been assisting clients in dealing with depression since I began practicing in 2008. Having come to train as a therapist in mid-life following a long and often stressful career in business, I practice Hypnotherapy and CBT, and make use of Mindfulness, all of which are relevant to treating this debilitating condition.

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