*Exam Stress Relief – How Does it Work?

When we think of the need for exam stress relief, we usually think of the GCSE or A Level student suffering from a touch of worry before the big day, but in reality exam stress can be an extremely upsetting condition affecting a vast number of people. The anxiety caused by exam stress can manifest in many different ways: from loss of sleep and changes in appetite through to quite serious gastric problems and illness.

This anxiety tends to worsen as the sufferer begins to worry that they may not be able to study properly, or even that they will be too unwell to sit the actual exam. This cycle then feeds on itself and can soon spiral into extreme distress.

Exam stress relief is for all stages of learning.

And exam stress relief is not just for young people. There are many stages in our lives where we may have to take a test or an assessment of some kind, and for which we may feel not fully prepared. Those of us thinking of a career change perhaps, or a possible promotion may well have to take an exam of some kind. And of course London Taxi drivers learning the ‘Knowledge’ will have to undergo regular vigorous testing that many find quite terrifying. Indeed, supporting taxi drivers in London through the Knowledge has been an area of special interest in my practice for some time.

There are many other contributing factors to the discomfort that the exam stress sufferer will experience; and these can be related to the support (or lack of it) that is available, and the ability generally to cope with stress.

Hypnowellness provides support for all those experiencing “test stress” of any kind and seeking exam stress relief. The approaches used are suitable for everybody from GCSE age upwards through to degree level and all stages of professional development.

CBT Therapy and Hypnotherapy techniques are used to help reduce anxiety, and to assist with controlling worry and rumination leading to welcome exam stress relief. We also look at methods and techniques to help with focusing on scheduled tasks in a constructive manner, and planning the necessary revision or work needed to achieve the best possible result.

On-going support is also provided for those in stressful working environments, and is designed to help provide much needed relief from, and in reducing the damaging effects of, previously highly-distressing or intolerable situations.

If you are personally feeling the effects of exam stress, or if you know of anyone that may be in need of support or assistance with exam stress relief, you can quickly arrange a free phone consultation.

To arrange a free phone consultation to discuss how Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Hypnotherapy may provide exam stress relief, just call me now on my direct line: 0800 246 1838 or use the form on this page to get in touch now.

*Disclaimer: As is common in therapy, results may vary from individual to individual and no specific outcome can be promised or guaranteed. Your therapist will however, endeavour to accomplish the objective of your sessions to the best of his ability.