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Online video and phone sessions are also available with minimum wait times right now.

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Learn about the Hypnowellness range of treatments; including anxiety relief, phobia elimination,addictions, depression, weight loss, and hypnotherapy to assist with stopping smoking


Why an ancient survival response left over from the Stone Age can cause such distress and discomfort in everyday life*

Phobias and Fears

Understanding how everyday circumstances can suddenly feel overwhelming, and why “logic” can help*

Insomnia/Sleep Problems

Learning how bodily relaxation techniques can be so useful in regaining peaceful, natural sleeping patterns*

Weight Loss

Understanding the importance of Mind-FULL eating with Hypnodieting©. The “non-diet diet-programme”*

Stop Smoking

Learn more about the single-session Hypnowellness smoking cessation programme, with unique follow-up support*

Panic Attacks

Helping you to learn ways that could create inner calmness in times of emotional emergency*


Understanding the emotional connection to this very uncomfortable and distressing condition*


Why a feeling that “things are overwhelming” or persistent low mood should not be ignored*

Stress Management

The effects of poorly-managed stress are all around us, but there are strategies that might help*

Public Speaking

Learning techniques and strategies that could help you become more confident and relaxed in presentations and meetings*

Confidence and Self Esteem

Loving yourself for who you really are and how your “self-talk” affects your feelings of “self worth”*

Exam Stress Relief

Why learning to effectively manage the terror of “exam nerves” that so many of us will experience is so important in creating success*

Pain Management

Discovering the Hypnowellness approach to discomfort and pain management through Hypnosis and CBT*

Relationship Problems

It might not always be “their fault”. Why talking it through with a therapist might help*

Sports Hypnosis

The importance of addressing the “Inner Game” when seeking performance improvement for sportsmen and women of all ages and abilities*

Treatment for Addictions

Hypnowellness uses a variety of different approaches in treatment for addictions; incorporating CBT, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness.*


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