Divorce Preparation and Support

For some time now, in response to growing concern and demand from divorce solicitors and family lawyers, Hypnowellness has been providing specialised divorce preparation and support services for clients.

This highly emotionally-charged time is when clients are at their most vulnerable and stressed, and yet exactly the time when they need most of all to be focussed and  clear-headed. Throughout the entire negotiation and settlement process, but most especially in the time immediately prior to trial, a client needs to be correctly prepared in order to maximise the potential for a beneficial outcome. The chaotic, unfamiliar and frequently hostile atmosphere can often lead to a client sabotaging his or her best interests in order to end proceedings as quickly as possible – even if this might mean accepting an unfair or disadvantageous settlement.

In mediation too, the thought of having only a limited opportunity to present a clear and concise position can lead to crippling anxiety, and leave the client tongue-tied and unable to present their side with clarity and authenticity.

A recent article in the London Evening Standard was most helpful in drawing attention to the increasing need for emotional support for divorce and separation clients.

So how can Hypnowellness help in Divorce Preparation and Support?

We do not seek to “coach” the client in the detail of their case, but rather to prepare them psychologically for the process of negotiation and trial. Through a series of individually tailored sessions, we will work together on reducing anxiety, dealing with depression, and improving clarity of thought. Alongside this, using the latest cognitive rehearsal techniques, we can help to greatly increase the client’s self confidence during this most stressful of times.

The resulting improved self-belief around the client’s own credibility of their position further ameliorates the likelihood of a successful final outcome.

The Hypnowellness divorce preparation and support service is a complete emotional support  programme designed to increase the client’s emotional resilience and psychological wellbeing, and will run seamlessly alongside the legal advice and assistance that the client will be receiving.

If you would like to discuss in greater detail how Hypnowellness can assist in your practice, please call Paul Levrant on his direct line: 0800 246 1838. Or complete the enquiry form for immediate attention.

Vanessa Lloyd Platt of Lloyd Platt & Co says:

We have found working with Paul to be an extremely valuable adjunct to our practice. Clients respond very positively to his sensitive yet highly practical approach.

Lesley Landsberg of Enfield Family Law says:

Paul’s divorce preparation and support service has been very useful to our clients, and has helped in many difficult cases.