What is stress management for business?

Stress is the number one cause of staff absenteeism. According to a survey from the Health and Safety Commission, work-related stress, depression and anxiety were estimated to account for 70% of visits to doctors, 85% of serious illnesses, the loss of approximately 13 million working days per year – all at a cost of £11.6 billion to Britain’s businesses.

As an employer, you are responsible for every aspect of your employees’ health and wellbeing in the workplace. Stress Management is a way to immediately improve staff morale, loyalty, productivity, concentration and efficiency.

How can we help with stress management for companies and organisations?

Hypnowellness can provide a team of highly experienced therapists, trainers and experts delivering discreet in-house stress management for companies and organisations of all sizes. We are experienced in providing stress audits to assess the mental well-being of your staff, and to identify anyone who might be at risk from poorly-managed stress.

Our training programmes are designed to help minimise the impact of negative stress, with the emphasis on burn-out prevention.

Using innovative and uniquely developed mindfulness and CBT-based methods, we focus on practical approaches for improvement at all levels of personal and corporate performance.

Alongside our Corporate Stress Management Programmes, we also deliver easy-to-learn problem-solving and constructive thinking strategies for employees at all levels. If your goals are to increase workforce efficiency and improve inter-personnel relationships, we will work with you to help you find the best solution to help create a more effective, profitable and harmonious workplace.

These easy-to-learn strategies are tailored for employees at all levels and could help create a dramatic improvement on your workforce morale.

Typical seminars featured in a one-day Corporate Stress Management Programme include :

Going from “Yes, but…” to “Job done”
– Overcoming objections for rapid results

There’s nothing wrong with me – it’s THEM!
– Why the small stuff makes us mad – and how to live and work without anger.

“I meant to look up procrastination in my dictionary but never got round to it”
– Overcoming the tendency to want to “do it later”

Changing the thought = changing the outcome
– It’s your thinking that’s the problem, not the situation

Assertive or aggressive?
– How to say “No” without offence or embarrassment

Its not fair!
-Some things just aren’t – how to live with it and get on with what matters

Are you worrying or planning?
– How to tell the difference, and to do what works

What Positive Thinking really means
– Working on the solution – not the problem

In addition to three of the above, time will also be spent on
– Mindfulness for busy professionals – learning to be focused and “present”. Cutting mental “drift” and enhancing concentration.

All our services are designed to be delivered as economically as possible, and we commit to working within pre-defined budgets, ensuring that any costs are always tightly controlled. We are highly aware of the importance of confidentiality and discretion, and we are dedicated to providing the very best in client care for your organisation at all times.

To book a free consultation to discuss how Hypnowellness might contribute to your own workplace improvement call Paul Levrant now direct on: 0800 246 1838 or just get in touch using the form on this page.