The Hypnodieting weight loss hypnotherapy Programme

When first establishing my therapy practice after leaving years of high-pressure commercial life behind me; I hadn’t set out to specialise in weight loss or weight loss hypnotherapy as I do now. I initially concentrated on assisting with anxiety and stress-related conditions as I’d personally found that there was little in the way of understandable, effective and above all easily accessible therapies that were readily available. The development of the Hypnodieting weight loss hypnotherapy Programme; and the establishment of Hypnodieting Ltd. as a national brand name for weight loss came a little later.

For decades now, Hypnotherapy and CBT have been acknowledged as highly effective processes for bringing about behavioural change; and weight loss through hypnosis has a long and successful history. My own interest in weight loss hypnotherapy began with a realisation of how poorly served those seeking to lose weight through the usual methods are.

We know that weight loss through restrictive or drastic dieting; or through the use of chemical substitutes and meal replacements can lead to short-term weight loss results; but that all too often ends with the long-term misery of the dreaded ‘yo-yo’ dieting experience. Here in the UK we are now even using bariatric surgery as an instant solution to the problem of obesity – but without behavioural change, any method of weight loss risks failure.

My own approach to weight loss hypnotherapy grew through the realisation that understanding the ‘how’ someone eats is just as vital as the ‘what’ it is that they eat – and of course this is bound up with discovering the ‘why’ someone eats; and the ‘when’ it is that they eat it!

The unique Hypnodieting weight loss Programme was developed to incorporate these vital concepts; and was built around gentle cognitive behavioural and hypnotherapy techniques.

At this time my interest in training other therapists had grown and it was a natural progression to begin to train talented individuals to deliver the Hypnodieting weight loss Programme too. There are now over fifteen qualified Hypnodieting Consultants practising in the UK; and our next training Course in the summer of 2011 will see yet more available to satisfy the demand for effective weight loss hypnotherapy.

The Hypnodieting weight loss Programme follows a course of six individually prepared sessions where you are helped to address existing unhelpful behaviour and habits. You are encouraged and supported as natural changes in your lifestyle are gradually established. The result is a greater feeling of self-esteem and purpose; leading to real, sustainable, permanent weight loss.

We call it ‘The non-diet diet Programme’ and clients do seem to love how it’s structured!

I’m here to answer your questions about Hypnodieting and weight loss hypnotherapy and to advise on the small no-cost changes you can easily do for yourself at home that will start you on the path of permanent weight loss and complete well-being.