Mind-FULL and Conscious Eating for Weight Loss

One of the most interesting and effective ways to help stimulate weight loss and to keep it off is through the practice of mindful eating or conscious eating. In the Hypnodieting Programme for weight loss in Hertfordshire, we teach you the all-important principles of this approach. According to a Harvard University research report, mindful eating or conscious eating habits play a big role in keeping in check the calories you consume. The method encourages you to eat without distractions and […]

Hypnodieting on the Radio!

Driving into my Hypnotherapy practice in Radlett the other day, I heard the wonderful Anne Diamond on Radio London talking about a possible government scheme of granting subsidies to people who have been diagnosed as clinically obese. Quite what these payments would be for or how the recipients would be assessed is apparently at this stage not clear. Anne was quizzing the listeners of London generally about how sensible such an idea might be. (Or how incredibly daft it is, […]