Stress Management Today

The Importance of Stress Management Today:

It is vital for anyone who feels that they are suffering from the effects of unmanaged stress to seek help at the earliest opportunity. If you have any disturbing physical symptoms, it is recommended that you see your GP for a check up; and then begin to take steps to minimise the impact on your health as soon as possible.

Recent research* suggests that anywhere from 60 to 90 percent of illness is stress-related. The physical wear and tear of stress includes damage to the cardiovascular system (heart) and weakening of the immune system. Stress compromises your ability to fight off disease and infection, making you more susceptible to illness. It can also throw your digestive system off balance, leading to uncharacteristic weight loss or gain. The severe detrimental effects to your quality of life can make all this even more unbearable.

Many busy people convince themselves that being ‘relaxed’ somehow means that they will not be working effectively. In fact the reverse is true – when you are relaxed, you are able to work much more efficiently and also enable and promote greater productivity in those around you. So don’t wait for things to just “get better on their own”; take the first step in regaining control today.

* US National Health Bureau