Stress Management And Hypnotherapy

Jeni Barnett and me on LBC talking about stress management and hypnotherapy

I listen to Jeni’s programme a lot. She is definitely one of the good guys, and never fails to produce an interesting afternoon’s radio. Today the conversation was about stress, and more specifically stress and anxiety management in the workplace. A field of special interest for me has always been stress management and hypnotherapy, and there were some fascinating callers. I did miss quite a lot of it as I was with a client until the programme was almost over. (And yes – it was a client suffering from stress at work!) My client’s employers were gradually coming around to the enlightened model of work welfare; realising that their employees cannot possibly perform well if they are not handling stress correctly. So, given that the job itself cannot be fundamentally changed, why not invest in effective stress management?

Well anyway, I had to phone in!

Jeni was her usual enthusiastic and curious self, welcoming me as ‘Paul from Highgate’ and we had a highly enjoyable conversation about anxiety in general as well as stress management at work, and how best to control it. I talked a little about some of the techniques I teach my clients in order for them to help themselves. Self-hypnosis for example; which is a really powerful and dynamic coping mechanism. It can be learned quite quickly, and provides life-long benefits from just a few minutes practice a day. We mentioned breathing techniques too – one of the oldest and most widely used methods of calming down, and one that finds a common root in many cultures.

I make no apology either about mentioning the website! If just one person who listened to LBC today picks up the phone or sends me an email because they have decided that they will at last do something to manage their stress or anxiety, well then the world has moved just a tiny step further towards a becoming a more peaceful place. I am sure that Radlett and Highgate are becoming just that little bit more harmonious now, with all the people I have assisted in learning how to reduce their stress levels spreading their calmness over us all!

If you would like to hear Jeni and me chatting please click here.