Pandemic Pandemonium

Pandemic Pandemonium! Swine-Fever Fever!

According to the slightly more hysterical dailies, we are all doomed this year to succumb to the unstoppable Swine Flu sweeping eastwards from Mexico.

The headline that caught my attention though, was the one that asked:

‘How worried should we be?’

So, clearly then, it is not in doubt that we should all be worried; it is only a question of deciding how much!

What on earth is that all about? The article contained not one single fact. Just word after word of panic-stricken hyperbole about what might happen, even though everything that was said was so unlikely to occur, even the journalists had to admit it towards the end of the article!

This continual stoking up of worry and anxiety by the media is clearly taking its toll on the general level of anxiety and unease that people feel. As I mentioned in a previous entry, I am seeing so many more people in my North London Highgate practice and also in Hertfordshire who are finding their quality and enjoyment of life quite severely affected by constant worry and anxiety. When these fears are closely examined, they are so often found to be groundless, or non-specific. Hypnotherapy sessions to boost self-esteem and self confidence, together with C.B.T. approaches to strengthen our in-built coping mechanisms can work wonders. Once a client begins to see how their anxiety responses are being triggered by events that ‘aren’t really there’, they quickly learn to switch them off. As ever, I will make sure they finish their sessions fully equipped with their own self-hypnosis tools to enable them to continue to combat and reduce worry and anxiety for themselves.

So back to the news of the moment, and the answer to that headline:

‘Sudden outbreak of common sense threatens newspaper sales!’