It’s a Pain

Saw some very interesting quotes today from Dr Charles Pither. He is a consultant in pain medicine and medical director of the Realhealth Institute in London.

He tells us that most people have a similar pain threshold. This is contrary to popular belief. Most of us think that we all have very different pain thresholds. He says “how we tolerate this pain is where we all differ. Perception of pain is influenced by fears, beliefs, expectations, and mood. Some people have more anxious nature so worry more about the pains cause. Depressed people tend to feel pain more than those who are less anxious. Patients who are anxious about pain after surgery (often due to a bad experience) tend to need more morphine. Expecting to feel pain again raises how much pain they actually perceive”.

Lots of interesting stuff there. In my pain relief hypnotherapy sessions, I help people to tackle pain in different ways. It always starts however, by getting the client to reduce their anxiety. Where relaxation is, pain and tension isn’t. So the greater the experience of relaxation and calm, there will be an equal reduction in discomfort. This in many instances can lead to positive life changes. When people begin to learn that we all have an ability to control and reduce pain it can mean a whole different quality of life. Pain control and pain reduction is a skill, and like any other skill, it has to be learned. This learning can take place easily and naturally under hypnosis, and of course the more it is practised the more effective it becomes.