Is Your Cereal Making You Fat?

Interesting aricle in the London Evening Standard: “Is your cereal making you fat? by Dr Jessen on 22nd April. Of course it’s what we put in our mouths that makes us fat; and of course the responsibility for what we eat rests solely with the individual. What wasn’t mentioned though, is how incredibly difficult this seemingly simple act of control can be for so many of those with weight problems; especially for those who have emotional issues and eating habits that may have developed over years. In these cases – and in my Hyponodieting (weight loss hypnotherapy) sessions of course I see a great many of them – weight loss is very much more complicated than just a simple decision and an application of will. The emotional ties and eating behaviours that continually undermine and prevent long-term weight loss have to be addressed first; and only then does weight control become as easy as Dr Jessen makes it sound.