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Online video and phone sessions are also available with minimum wait times right now.

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Are you looking for Hypnotherapy in South Woodford or Hypnotherapy in East London?

Paul Levrant, London’s leading hypnotherapist, has been practising hypnotherapy in South Woodford for over ten years. He has run his clinic from the South Woodford Hypnotherapy and Counselling Centre in George Lane since 2010.

Hypnotherapy in South Woodford explained:

As the science behind hypnotherapy becomes ever-more established and understood, an increasing number of medical professionals are referring clients for hypnotherapy in east London as it may help with a broad spectrum of conditions and issues.

Besides being suggested for smokers wanting to quit, or for the many people who struggle to lose weight, did you know that hypnotherapy in South Woodford is an easily accepted approach that may also help with a variety of other behavioural difficulties and habits?

Very commonly, individuals struggling with poorly managed stress; anger issues; anxiety, and other conditions like depression and phobias will also routinely look for hypnotherapy in east London for assistance.

What happens during Hypnosis Sessions in the East London Hypnotherapy Centre?

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness that we all enter and leave naturally at many times during the day. It can feel very much like day-dreaming, or that calm state between sleeping and waking. Your therapist will assist you to reach this state in a relaxed and easily attainable way, and help you to learn how to create this condition for yourself.

While in this relaxed state, your conscious mind is still completely aware of what is going on throughout the session, but your subconscious is free to accept positive thoughts and ideas much more readily. This enables you to change fixed negative ideas into strong positive attitudes about yourself and your surroundings, and is the essence of hypnotherapy.

More about Hypnotherapy in South Woodford:

In his approach to treatment, as well as clinical hypnotherapy, Paul also provides CBT Therapy, and Mindfulness training.

You can find out more about the treatments provided and the therapies that are offered by clicking the links.

Free Consultation:

If you would simply like to know more about how Hypnotherapy in east London may help with so many of the difficulties and problems that we face in everyday life Paul provides arrange an initial consultation where you can talk things through in complete confidence. All initial consultations are FREE, and can easily and quickly be arranged by calling 0800 246 1838, or by filling out the contact form opposite. A quick response is assured.

To find out more about Hypnotherapy or to get in touch:

If you would simply like to know more about how Hypnotherapy in South Woodford can help with so many of the difficulties and problems that we face in everyday life, or to arrange an initial consultation without any charge or obligation, please call 0800 246 1838, or use the contact form opposite. A quick response is assured.

How to find Hypnotherapy in South Woodford:

Conveniently situated in the east London borough of Redbridge, the South Woodford Hypnotherapy Centre is at 109 George Lane, about 100 yards up from South Woodford Central Line Station between the Cancer Care Charity shop and the Wood Oven restaurant.

If you are coming by tube, leave South Woodford station from the eastbound platform, and turn left along George Lane. You’ll find 109 behind a large black front door with an entry-phone system on the left hand side.

If you’re driving to South Woodford, there is plenty of meter parking available in George Lane, as well as spaces in the car park at South Woodford station.

As there is no reception area, please don’t arrive too early for your appointment. If you do, you can always enjoy a coffee or tea at the “Indulgence” tea rooms a few doors away.

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