I’m an experienced Hypnotherapist in Radlett.
If you’re in Hertfordshire and dealing with anxiety or a similar issue, perhaps I can help.

If you’d like to see a Hypnotherapist in Hertfordshire, whatever difficulty you are experiencing, we can make an appointment to meet at a time convenient to you at my discreet, secure and comfortable consulting rooms in Radlett. 

Using Hypnotherapy and CBT, and perhaps with the addition of some Mindfulness coaching, we can work together to achieve changes that help you to overcome or gain greater control over the difficulty you are having.

The therapies I work with are entirely safe, leaving you in complete control of your self at all times. Even under Hypnotherapy (which has no similarity whatsoever to ‘stage Hypnotism’) you remain completely awake, with full control of your actions. You cannot (and of course never under any circumstances would) be made to do anything at all that you would normally consider unsafe or unwise.

Hypnotherapy in Radlett to help you stop smoking.

Practicing as a Hypnotherapist in Highgate, I work with lots of people having difficulty in giving up smoking, or who are struggling with ideas which are making it more difficult for them to give up. If you are seeking help with this, I’d be pleased to discuss it with you.

Hertfordshire Hypnotherapists for anxiety

If you experience any form of anxiety, get in touch and arrange a free, initial telephone consultation. We can then arrange sessions at Radlett. I have a great deal of experience in using Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and teaching Mindfulness, to achieve outstanding relief from anxiety.

Hypnotherapy in Radlett for depression.

As a Hypnotherapist in Radlett, I regularly see clients living and working locally who are battling some form of depression. For the majority, Hypnotherapy or CBT can offer a positive way forward. I see clients suffering depression both directly and on referral from GPs. Get in touch.

Stress Management Hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire.

I work with many clients at Radlett for whom Hypnotherapy provides an excellent way to develop strategies for managing the stresses of modern day life. These can be related to work, relationships, family life, academic study, financial pressure or some other matter. Get in touch to arrange a free initial telephone consultation.

Weight loss Hypnotherapy in Radlett.

If you are struggling to lose weight, Hypnotherapy can help you to effect changes to your ingrained attitudes and behaviours. Because of this, it can help you achieve remarkable results, even if you have been struggling for years. Call to arrange a free initial telephone consultation.

Hypnotherapy in Hertfordshire for insomnia and sleep difficulties.

If you experience difficulty in sleeping through the night, Hypnotherapy can prove highly successful, even where other approaches have failed. If you’d like to see me at Radlett for help with a sleep problem, please call to arrange a free initial telephone consultation. 

Without Paul, I wouldn’t have got through the last two years, personally or professionally. The combination of having a safe space to talk, CBT and Hypnotherapy have provided me with the skills to effectively address some of the major issues in my life.

Paul Levrant. Experienced Hypnotherapist in Radlett.

I have been seeing clients, as a Hypnotherapist in Radlett, Herts, for a number of years now. Having trained as a therapist following an often stressful career in business, I practice Hypnotherapy and CBT and also make use of Mindfulness with clients. I offer all of these approaches at Radlett. Alongside my Radlett practice, I see clients at Highgate in North London; and at South Woodford in Essex.


Help in overcoming anxiety and other problems through positive suggestions introduced while in an induced state of suggestibility.


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. An effective approach to help manage depression and anxiety by changing the way you think and act.


The key to a more peaceful and less self-judgemental life, by developing the ability to live in and fully experience the present.

Visiting me for Hypnotherapy in Radlett.

If you would like to talk to me about a difficulty you are experiencing, I’d be pleased to arrange a free initial telephone consultation. This will give you the opportunity to talk about your situation, and will help me to assess whether I might be able to help. If I believe this will be possible, and you would like to begin therapy, we will then make appointments to meet in my rooms in Radlett at times that are convenient for you. My Radlett consulting rooms are at:

City Therapy Centre,
Suite 6,
42 Watling St,
WD7 7NN 

This is a private, discreet and comfortable space, in which you can feel secure and relaxed and engage fully in your Hypnotherapy or other treatment.

Book a FREE Initial Consultation

I’d be pleased to arrange an initial telephone consultation with you. This gives me the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of your situation, and lets you decide whether you’d like to arrange to see me for therapy. 

This initial consultation is completely free of charge, and without any obligation on you to take matters further.

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