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Face-to-Face sessions are available once again in Highgate (social distancing measures are in place here)

Online video and phone sessions are also available with minimum wait times right now.

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There are also FREE resources designed to alleviate anxiety that you are invited to download from HERE 

I first qualified in 2008 and began practising as a clinical hypnotherapist in Highgate later that same year. I’d had a long-time fascination and had read a great deal about hypnotherapy prior to deciding to become a hypnotherapist; and I had also personally experienced first-hand how highly effective it could be in treating many conditions.*

While practising – and having definitely caught the “therapy bug”  – I studied many other interventions and methods to use alongside hypnotherapy. These have included CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), T.A. (Transactional Analysis); and Mindfulness.

These additions have enabled me to offer my clients a broader range of solutions to many more conditions and issues than my original hypnotherapy qualifications allowed. This combined approach has also led me to become something of a specialist in anxiety which is the main issue that so many of my clients in Highgate now come to see me for.

My first rooms were in the little Health Centre on Highgate High Street, near Pond Square. As my practice grew I was offered space at the Highgate Consulting Rooms in West Hill House. This is a lovely location close to where Swains Lane joins Highgate West Hill. My clients have described it as “a perfectly tranquil and relaxed space” and I feel it provides the perfect setting for anyone looking for hypnotherapy in Highgate.*

So what is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy has been recognised as an important intervention since the 1950s and over the last few years has increasingly become the go-to method to help promote behavioural change. Through allowing a gentle state of relaxation to occur, the “noise” of our thinking gradually quietens down and the subconscious mind becomes more a little more receptive.*

The conscious mind will always be in control though, and only those suggestions that are in accord with your own ideas will be effective. During hypnotherapy, we can never be “made” to act in any way that is contrary to our wellbeing.

What to do now – your free consultation:

The easiest and most effective way to help you understand more about what to do now and how best to get the right treatment is through an initial phone consultation. Here’s where we can talk through your issues in complete confidence and the full range of treatment options will be discussed in detail.

An initial consultation is without any obligation, and is there to help you feel confident that you have been “listened to”; and that you’ll be getting the very best personal treatment before you book your appointment.

Consultations can often be arranged at short notice and at a time to suit you – including evenings and weekends. The contact information you need is under “How to get in touch” just below.

Where to find Hypnotherapy In Highgate:

West Hill House is just 50 yards along Swains Lane from Highgate West Hill on the right, almost directly opposite the Kalendar Cafe. Parking restrictions only apply locally in the mornings between 10:00 and 12:00, at all other times parking is free in the marked bays.

From Archway station (Northern Line) take bus C11 to stop GL (Parliament Hill Fields). From overground station Gospel Oak take bus C11 towards Archway to stop GJ in Swains Lane. From overground station Kentish Town take bus C2 towards Parliament Hill Fields to stop GH on Highgate West Hill.

From nearby Muswell Hill buses are 134 or 43; and from Hampstead 268 or 210.

You can also use the very helpful TFL website to plan your journey to Highgate.

How to get in touch:

To find out more about hypnotherapy in Highgate or to arrange a consultation just call FREE now on: 0800 246 1838 or just use the contact form on this page.

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Highgate Consulting Rooms, West Hill House, 6 Swains Lane, Highgate, North London N6 6QS

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