Hypnotherapy For Insomnia

Nick Ferrar1 on LBC

I was listening to Nick Ferrari on LBC a few days ago, inviting listeners to comment on their experiences of insomnia. Never one to miss an opportunity to help people become aware of how hypnotherapy can improve lives, and how hypnotherapy for insomnia can be particularly effective, I rang in. Surprisingly, I got through quite quickly, and was introduced as “Paul from Barnet”. I tried to correct this as soon as I could to “Paul from Highgate” or “Paul from North London” or maybe even “Paul from Radlett” but he was straight into the questioning. My point was that sleep disorders are in most cases (though not all, by any means) driven by some form of anxiety, and that by helping people to firstly reduce their anxiety level, the sleep issue can then then be addressed, and some new habits learned that will enable sufferers to once again enjoy those precious hours in the arms of Morpheus…

It was tough going frankly! Nick seemed to pushing in a different direction; saying to me that if someone has been a victim of the credit crunch for example, and faces losing their job, their house and goodness knows what else; how could I help them with hypnotherapy? What is that going to do for them in the face of such calamity? I explained that it is completely understandable that such an event would cause considerable pain and anxiety, but surely if the person involved is going to have the best chance of recovering, they need clarity of thought, and not to succumb to panic. How clearly can anyone think if they are sleeping very poorly? Everything is affected; from their physical resilience against illness to their ability to concentrate. A good night’s sleep will be beneficial for any condition, physical or mental, so clearly I’m going to push the case for therapy for relaxation as well as hypnotherapy for insomnia. And, if by reducing their anxiety level sufficiently through hypnotherapy will enable them to function at their full potential; then this surely is going to give them the best set of tools available to get through their crisis.

Nick then questioned whether stress or anxiety could possibly ever be the cause of a physical illness. So I quoted the stats that tell us that as much as 60 to 90 percent of all illnessess are the result of poorly managed stress or anxiety.

I think I made the point OK – perhaps any of you that heard the call would like to let me know. I failed to get the website mentioned though – the producer was clearly most anxious that the traffic news took precedence!