Hypnodieting on the Radio!

Driving into my Hypnotherapy practice in Radlett the other day, I heard the wonderful Anne Diamond on Radio London talking about a possible government scheme of granting subsidies to people who have been diagnosed as clinically obese. Quite what these payments would be for or how the recipients would be assessed is apparently at this stage not clear. Anne was quizzing the listeners of London generally about how sensible such an idea might be. (Or how incredibly daft it is, depending on your point of view of course).

The conversation with various callers then expanded to include people’s experiences with a range of different diets and methods that they had tried in order to lose weight. The overwhelming consensus seemed to be that diets did not work, and in many cases even lead to weight gain in the long term.

“My sentiments entirely” thought I. And as soon as I reached terra firma, (I didn’t call from the car – honestly!) I dialled in to add my two-penn’th to the debate. Anne was kindenough to allow me quite some time to explain my views on dieting and also on how weight loss through hypnotherapy (or Hypnodieting as we call it) can be so effective. It is abundantly clear that interest in weight loss hypnotherapy is very high, at least judging from the amount of hits on the website following the programme. It was also interesting to see that the number of people seeking information through www.hypnowellness.co.uk and www.hypnodieting.co.uk were roughly the same. (Well okay, it was interesting to me anyway!)

For those of you who missed my radio London debut, I managed to record my words of wisdom with Anne, and there is now a link in the media library. So any time you feel the need to bone up on weight loss hypnotherapy or Hypnodieting it is there for you to enjoy!