Fear of heights anyone?

Clearly these guys have no fear of heights…

(I wonder if they’re afraid of spiders?)

Fear of heights anyone hypnowellness
Fear of heights anyone?
(Image: Brett Lowell)


An incredible climb up the “impossible” El Capitan rock face in California’s Yosemite National Park. (Some more amazing pictures and footage here.)

We can only admire the courage and determination of anyone attempting something like this, and I’m sure they love the thrill and the challenge. But for them it may not be about bravery at all. After all, if there is no fear then then bravery is not required!

There’s an old story of two soldiers about to charge into a fierce and deadly battle. One is stoical and patiently waiting the command; spending the time calmly checking his weapons and chatting to his fellows. The other is plainly terrified. His heart is pumping furiously, his hands are shaking as he fights to hold back tears of anguish. His legs are trembling and his stomach churning.

The command is sounded and they both enter the fray.

So who is the more courageous of the two? The one who had no fear to conquer, or the one who felt the fear but did it anyway?

Understanding that there are countless fears that we’ll experience in our lives, but seeking ways of preventing these fears from limiting how we want to live sounds like true courage to me.