Diet Pill Madness

Another grim weight loss statistic from the NHS. Last year in order to induce weight loss in the morbidly obese or seriously overweight population, over 1.5 MILLION diet pills were handed out by our GPs.

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This is a eleven-fold increase in the number of prescriptions from only ten years ago and is clearly a desparate measure to halt the relentless upward growth of weight gain and obesity. There are now 23% of adults who are seriously overweight and who need to lose weight as a matter of urgency as against only 7% in 1980.

The argument is that drugs are a last resort when diet and lifestyle change has failed; but of course we are not told exactly how the lifestyle and behavioural changes were attempted.

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Weight loss through any other method than behavioural change just cannot make sound sense. Even with Orlistat – the only available drug that’s left as “safe to prescribe” after the withdrawal of Acomplia and Reductil – users must adhere to and follow a diet that is very low in fat in order to avoid less than pleasant side-effects.

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How long will it be I wonder before more people are given the chance to experience Hypnodieting as an alternative method of weight loss before embarking on drastic drug therapy!

Watch this space…