Dangerous Dieting

From the Daily Mail today:

‘Why do bright, successful women risk their lives to drop a dress size?’

A very important article outlining the dangers of buying prescription-only drugs – in this case Reductil – over the internet. The writer, Lorraine Fisher, goes on to describe her experience ‘I hadn’t slept for more than a week, and I was moody, irritable and unhappy. It should have been a wake-up call that there was no shortcut to losing weight, and that anything that claims to be one is normally bad for your health.’

She goes on to describe many case histories of women who have tried drastic measures to reduce their weight, and the terrible illnesses they have suffered; including the tragic death of Marie Malone. This poor 19-year-old collapsed and died through heart failure within three weeks of starting to take Reductil. A statement from the Adverse Drug Reactions Committee (Australia) said that Reductil was a ‘moderately plausible explanation’ for her death.

The article also lists further deaths attributed to the extreme ‘semi-starvation’ proprietary diets where calorie intake is drastically limited, sometimes to only 500 calories per day.

The conclusion arrived at, is that we have as a society somehow got ourselves hooked on the idea of a ‘quick fix’ to everything, and that includes our bodies. We spend millions on pills and surgery such as liposuction or the gastric band; and ignore the terrible risks that such behaviour can present. As it becomes more obvious how potentially dangerous and short-lived these approaches are though; more and more people are seeking more natural and genuinely healthy alternatives for weight loss.

No wonder then, that the gentler, safe approach to weight control through weight loss hypnotherapy programmes such as Hypnodieting are now beginning to gain popularity.