COVID-19 Anxiety Treatment (Online)

This page will tell you all about Online COVID-19 Anxiety Treatment

If you prefer face-to-face sessions, these are available once again in Highgate, Radlett and South Woodford (social distancing measures are in place at these locations)

For your FREE consultation call 0800 246 1838 or fill in the form HERE for an immediate call back 

There are also FREE resources designed to alleviate anxiety that you are invited to download from HERE 

COVID-19 Anxiety Treatment Online – your questions answered:

How do video and phone sessions for COVID-19 anxiety treatment work?

I’ve been providing video and phone sessions for my overseas and remote clients for many years and they actually work remarkably well.

During this unprecedented period of COVID-19 anxiety though, I’m giving priority to the treatment of the great distress this pandemic is causing throughout our population. (You’ll find more general information on anxiety HERE)

Before you book your session with me, I always provide an initial consultation over the phone. This takes around 15 minutes or so and helps me understand more about you and your particular situation.  It also gives both of us the opportunity to feel sure that I’m the right therapist for you and that we can work successfully together at this most difficult of times. There is never any charge for a consultation, or any obligation to book a session.

If you’re happy to go ahead, we can then decide if you’d like to have a session on the phone or through video; and we book a suitable time. In some cases this might be right away but the waiting time will always be kept to an absolute minimum.

I’ll ask you to settle back somewhere reasonably comfortable; and of course somewhere that’s private if you wish our conversation to not be overheard. (Complete confidentiality is always very strictly maintained on my side; and my practice is registered under the Data Protection Act for your safety). I recommend having a hot drink or a glass of water close by too so that you won’t have to break off if you get thirsty.

If you’re a note-taker by nature then by all means feel free to keep a pad and pencil handy, but I’ll always email you after the session with any “homework” that I feel would help keep you on track.

Then it will just be you and me exploring how to leave the world behind for a while; and helping you to regain a greater feeling calmness and control.

What happens during a COVID-19 Online anxiety treatment session?

The format is broadly the same for both video and phone sessions.

There will be a fair amount of talking as we learn more about the true nature of your fear or anxiety. Although it might seem very obvious that this current pandemic is responsible, a crisis situation will often trigger previous, possibly hidden and deep-lying fears that may need to be addressed and understood to ensure a comfortable pathway to future peace.

This approach doesn’t mean that we focus on the past though! My work is very much rooted in the here-and-now and  dedicated to finding the quickest way for you to feel fully back in control of your life;  free from excessive worrying and anxiety.

We’ll then discuss what I would like you to take-away in the form of “homework,” so that you can continue to build on the key parts of your session. This is designed to maintain momentum and progress whether or not you choose to continue with a further future session.

Learning how to truly relax:

The final part of our session of COVID-19 Online anxiety treatment will be devoted to relaxation.

Here I’ll help you enjoy a real-life experience of inner calmness; and show you how you can learn to create this state for yourself. Regular interludes of deep relaxation are vital. Moments of relaxation allow the body to drain off the excessive adrenaline that periods of high-stress produce; and are absolutely essential in letting the mind “cool down”. In turn leading to welcome respite from excessive worrying and over-thinking.

Regular relaxation “breaks” in your daily schedule for also aid better sleep; and with better and deeper sleep you’ll feel naturally calmer and more able to cope no matter what is going on around you.

Relaxation is in many ways a “skill”. It does not always come “naturally” to all of us, but it can without doubt be “learned”. Again, I always encourage home practice and will provide you with free audios and visual aids to help you maintain your progress online sessions cost?

OK, so what now?

Just pick up the phone and call me on 0800 246 1838

During this crisis it’s likely that I will be busy for longer periods than usual, but please leave a voicemail if prompted and you’ll receive a call back from me personally as soon as I’m available.

Alternatively you’re welcome to fill in the form opposite or at the bottom of this page and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

Once we’ve had a chat and booked your session time, you’ll be sent full instructions about how to pay online and how to log-on to your session. (Overseas clients can use PayPal to avoid currency charges).

It’s vitally important at this time of great anxiety that we all continue to take care of our mental as well as our physical health; and I am committed to helping as many as I possibly can through this unprecedented period of great uncertainty for our world.

Paul Levrant

*This represents a discount of over 25% against my usual in-house fee.

Page updated 16.06.2020