Free COVID-19 Anxiety Resources

You are welcome to download these FREE COVID-19 anxiety resources help-sheets and audios for your own personal use and to share with friends and family.*


To Read:

Click the links below to download:

Self-Help and Therapy Sheets:

Coping with anxiety and self-isolation

Keeping Calm in the Midst of Chaos

Things To Do During Lockdown

Honest Information About Anxiety (T. Powell)

Help with “health anxiety” and worrying about illness (C. Viyan)

Powerful coping statements to help with anxiety (T. Richards)

Sleep Hygiene – Ideas to Help You Sleep

Positive Self-Talk Statements (C. Vivyan)

A guide to self- compassion and forgiveness

Seven Stages of Grief

Inspirational Reading:

The Story of the Two Wolves

“We Did Not Ask” (Steven King)

Life in Five Short Chapters


Click the links below to download:

(Safety note: These audios are designed for relaxation and must never be listened to whilst driving or in any situation where you must remain alert)

Short Relaxation Audio   – (Listening instructions are in the “Keeping Calm in the Midst of Chaos” Help Sheet HERE)

Newton_FaulknerNewton Faulkner reads ‘Kindness’ by Naomi Shihab Nye (Exclusive recording for Hypnowellness)

Mellow Relaxation Audio (A soothing meditative soundtrack – turn the news off for a while and play this instead)

An audio to help you sleep

*Please note: You are welcome to share these resources with your family and friends; but owing to copyright and other issues please do NOT post them up on any social media platforms or other websites. We may lose the use of some or all of them if you do. Many thanks for your understanding.

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