CBT sessions at the City Therapy Centre in Radlett in Herts

CBT  (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is a form of “talking” therapy which focuses on the present and immediate state of the client seeking help with or relief from feelings of mental distress. CBT is evidence based and has been shown to be effective in dealing with a great number of disorders. I run regular CBT sessions at the City Therapy Centre in Radlett in Herts.

The aim of CBT is to teach the client new ways of thinking and behaving which will eliminate this distress. In that it deals in this way with the current situation of an individual and does not look backwards in time for childhood trauma or other past events; CBT differs from other forms of psychotherapy which might seek to address the origin of behaviours and feelings causing the symptoms of distress.

CBT Therapy addresses the unique situation of clients by being tailored individually to the client and to the client’s personality and understanding. Specific techniques and concepts are taught by the therapist which enable the client to eventually become independent from the therapist and to continue progress on their own. This is a unique collaboration between therapist and client. After a client has experienced a reduction in their symptoms, client and therapist may elect to explore deeper feelings, attitude and beliefs. However, as CBT is specifically goal-oriented; there is always an agreed end to the therapy. CBT does not continue for extended periods of time or indefinitely as other forms of therapy, such as psychoanalysis may do. Hypnowellness is dedicated to providing CBT sessions at the City Therapy Centre in Radlett in Herts. at short notice whenever possible.

CBT therapists employ many different techniques in order to ascertain the necessary information concerning the various underlying beliefs or thoughts that an individual has or holds currently.  A client is not told that he or she is wrong. However, the thought and thought processes are examined logically and information is gathered regarding that thought. This helps the client to re-evaluate his or her position and subsequent behaviour.

Homework is usually set for the client to practice the various techniques that are being taught; and this process gradually allows the client to address issues as they arise instead of having to wait for his or her next appointment. The goal is for the client to see that his or her own efforts are contributing to the reduction in symptoms. CBT is a very flexible intervention and is very often utilised in conjunction with other treatments like hypnotherapy or mindfulness depending on the individual and the agreed goal of the therapy.


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