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The CBT Assessment: Much of your first CBT North London session will be devoted to the CBT assessment, helping to discover what is in your thinking and behaviour that might be causing you distress. This is a very important part of the therapeutic process; and will set the tone for the developing relationship between me as therapist and you as client. A fundamental principle of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is to understand that: ‘the ways in which an individual behaves are determined by immediate situations and the individual’s interpretations of them’. This, therefore, is the focus of assessment, with an emphasis on specific problems. I would be happy to explain in greater detail how CBT can assist with various behavioural and emotional difficulties and consultations for CBT can be booked at my North London practice.

More About the Assessment

During the assessment session, the client should be informed that the cognitive behavioural therapy approach is collaborative, and that the therapist aims to help the client develop skills to overcome not only the current problems, but also any similar ones that may occur in the future. The therapist should emphasise the role of homework assignments in CBT, pointing out that the major part of therapy takes place in everyday life, with the client putting into practice what has been discussed in treatment sessions. The client should also be made aware that they are expected to participate actively by collecting information, giving feedback on the effectiveness of techniques, and making suggestions about new strategies. Information about the structure of CBT treatment should also be given at this stage; for example; how many treatment sessions there will be, how long each will last, and where treatment will take place. A cognitive behavioural therapy assessment also has a general educational role and focuses the client on internal and external variables, which they may have not previously seen as relevant to the problem. The client is asked about situations, physiological states, cognitions, interpersonal factors, as well as overt behaviour, and about how each of these groups of variables relates to the problem.

The CBT assessment interview at CBT North London (Hypnowellness) has an important role in beginning the process of therapy. Clients frequently present with a wide array of difficulties. As the therapist helps to clarify and differentiate between problems, so the difficulties are frequently reduced to manageable proportions, and the client begins to believe that change is possible. The assessment emphasises the possibility of change, by helping the client to think of what may be achieved with CBT, rather than dwelling continually on problem and its perceived intractability. It also sets reasonable limits on what might be achieved through treatment. The cognitive behavioural therapy assessment also allows the client to see that variations in the intensity of distress are predictable in terms of internal and external events, and are not just arbitrarily imposed by fate. The CBT therapist should further offer non-judgemental empathy and concern about the client’s problems and distress. Finally, an important function of the assessment is to establish whether there is anything which needs dealing with as an emergency.

Further information:

In summary, the main goal of the cognitive behavioural therapy assessment is to agree to a formulation and treatment plan between us In addition, it allows me to explain the treatment approach in more detail, and to help you begin begin the process of change right away. It also allows any emergency factors to be assessed and dealt with. If you would like further information, or to have a consultation without charge or obligation; please contact me. I’ll be happy to explain in greater detail how Cognitive Behavioural Therapy may be able to assist with your own various behavioural and emotional difficulties, whatever they might be.

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