Before jumping on the Gastric Band-Wagon

A gastric band – whether it’s real or imaginary – can stop you from eating; but can it stop you from craving? In this current war on obesity; the latest weapon that the weight-loss industry is keen to promote is bariatric surgery, or “the gastric band”. Even our NHS seems more than happy to spend countless thousands of on these procedures; but not a single penny on behavioural change. This has now lead to a bizarre situation of patients who […]

Hypnotherapy by Hypnowellness

Recognised as a potentially effective intervention since the 1950s, Hypnotherapy is fast becoming the go-to method to help promote behavioural change. As the science behind this technique becomes ever-more established and understood, more and more medical professionals are referring clients for hypnotherapy in Highgate for help with a broad spectrum of conditions and issues. Hypnotherapy has in the past been thought of mainly as a method for smoking cessation or dealing with fears and phobias, but there are even more wide-ranging benefits […]

Mind-FULL and Conscious Eating for Weight Loss

One of the most interesting and effective ways to help stimulate weight loss and to keep it off is through the practice of mindful eating or conscious eating. In the Hypnodieting Programme for weight loss in Hertfordshire, we teach you the all-important principles of this approach. According to a Harvard University research report, mindful eating or conscious eating habits play a big role in keeping in check the calories you consume. The method encourages you to eat without distractions and […]

Weight loss hypnotherapy – is it really possible?

A study carried out in the U.S. indicated the effectiveness of weight loss with hypnotherapy. The research involved two groups of obese patients with one group receiving hypnosis alone and the other group receiving both hypnosis and an audio recording. A third group, known as the control group, received verbal instructions only. At the end of the study, both of the groups using hypnosis for weight loss had lost an average of 17 pounds per person. Whereas in the control […]

Weight loss and insomnia or sleep deprivation

Regular undisturbed sleep is essential for the body to maintain a healthy optimum weight, and the important connection between weight loss and insomnia or sleep deprivation is often overlooked in many weight loss methods. In an article as long ago as February 15th 2010 in the Daily Mail, Flic Everett reported: Around 60 per cent of British adults are overweight or obese, and research suggests that the cause may not be overeating or lack of exercise, but sleep deprivation.