Mind-FULL and Conscious Eating for Weight Loss

One of the most interesting and effective ways to help stimulate weight loss and to keep it off is through the practice of mindful eating or conscious eating. In the Hypnodieting Programme for weight loss in Hertfordshire, we teach you the all-important principles of this approach. According to a Harvard University research report, mindful eating or conscious eating habits play a big role in keeping in check the calories you consume. The method encourages you to eat without distractions and […]

Tips to beat exam stress

Well, it’s finally here – it’s exam time, and the period of maximum stress for students, but it’s not all bad news! If managed well, stress can actually be a positive force, and can help you improve your exam performance. It’s only when we let it overwhelm us that exam stress becomes a problem. Here are some tips to beat exam stress: Plan ahead: Write down your revision plan and allocate time for each subject, but leave some slack in […]

Hypnosis for Insomnia

Can’t sleep? A hypnotic approach might help We all need sleep to function comfortably and most of us need 6-8 hours nightly. The loss of one night’s sleep can take a while to get over, but eventually we do catch up. However, long term sleep deprivation can be quite difficult to shake off. So how might hypnosis for insomnia help? Insomnia is on the rise and is increasingly becoming the cause of a visit to the GP. Unfortunately, there is […]

A Bribe To Help You Stop Smoking (If you’re pregnant that is)

£400 to stop smoking? On Thursday, Radio 4’s Today Programme ran a great story about the £400 bribe – sorry – “incentive” offered to pregnant mums-to-be to persuade them to stop smoking.   It seems the fact that smoking during pregnancy is likely to result in an underweight baby with many other health risks also attached is not quite enough. Amazing the power that the offer of a four hundred quid Argos voucher can wield. The study, which was led by […]

Stress Management and Business

What’s so important about stress management and business? “Stress-related conditions are now the number one cause of staff absenteeism” According to a recent survey on work-related illness published by the Health and Safety Commission: Work-related stress, depression and anxiety were estimated to account for the loss of approximately 13 million working days per year in Britain. Absence from the workplace costs Britain’s businesses £11.6 billion a year which averages to around £500 per worker. Around 530,000 individuals in Britain believed they were […]