A Bribe To Help You Stop Smoking (If you’re pregnant that is)

£400 to stop smoking? On Thursday, Radio 4’s Today Programme ran a great story about the £400 bribe – sorry – “incentive” offered to pregnant mums-to-be to persuade them to stop smoking.   It seems the fact that smoking during pregnancy is likely to result in an underweight baby with many other health risks also attached is not quite enough. Amazing the power that the offer of a four hundred quid Argos voucher can wield. The study, which was led by […]

Smoking Cessation with the help of CBT and Hypnotherapy in London

Whatever the reason you finally decide to stop smoking for good,  you might like to make use of the following interesting information to help you understand just how easy smoking cessation with the help of CBT and hypnotherapy in London can be. On a conscious level, you might desperately want to stop smoking, but on a subconscious level, you might believe or feel that smoking “gives” you something; and the fear around giving this up causes anxiety. You might also believe (subconsciously […]

Hypnotherapy in North London

Hypnotherapy in North London  in Highgate at West Hill House: Your session of Hypnotherapy in North London will take place in West Hill House in Highgate. Here you’ll find a calm and comfortable environment, designed to enable you to gain the most benefit from your experience. Conveniently located close to where Swains Lane joins Highgate West Hill, you’ll find my consulting rooms offer a perfectly tranquil and relaxed setting. If you have any concerns about: Anxiety Depression Stopping smoking Sleep problems […]