Tips to beat exam stress

Well, it’s finally here – it’s exam time, and the period of maximum stress for students, but it’s not all bad news! If managed well, stress can actually be a positive force, and can help you improve your exam performance. It’s only when we let it overwhelm us that exam stress becomes a problem. Here are some tips to beat exam stress: Plan ahead: Write down your revision plan and allocate time for each subject, but leave some slack in […]

The Hypnotherapist on Ladykillers – Pest Detectives

Were you wondering who the Hypnotherapist on Ladykillers – Pest Detectives was? If you were watching BBC2 on Wednesday, you might have seen Sian – a young lady previously terrified of spiders overcome her phobia with a little help from me. So I’m now officially The Hypnotherapist on Ladykillers – Pest Detectives. There are some highlights here if you’d like to watch: Sian had been suffering from this really acute phobia for as long as she could remember, but she was determined […]

A Bribe To Help You Stop Smoking (If you’re pregnant that is)

£400 to stop smoking? On Thursday, Radio 4’s Today Programme ran a great story about the £400 bribe – sorry – “incentive” offered to pregnant mums-to-be to persuade them to stop smoking.   It seems the fact that smoking during pregnancy is likely to result in an underweight baby with many other health risks also attached is not quite enough. Amazing the power that the offer of a four hundred quid Argos voucher can wield. The study, which was led by […]

Fear of heights anyone?

Clearly these guys have no fear of heights… (I wonder if they’re afraid of spiders?)   An incredible climb up the “impossible” El Capitan rock face in California’s Yosemite National Park. (Some more amazing pictures and footage here.) We can only admire the courage and determination of anyone attempting something like this, and I’m sure they love the thrill and the challenge. But for them it may not be about bravery at all. After all, if there is no fear then then bravery is not required! There’s […]

‘The end of my snake phobia’

Even as a young child I was not very fond of snakes. I was definitely more of a cuddly animal  lover and not  a scaly slithery enthusiast as I was never very fond of the lizards or crocodiles either. Nevertheless I was not afraid to visit them at the zoo and frequently did so as my elder brother was very interested in snakes and always wanted to visit the snake house. The competition between us and the choice between the […]