Mind-FULL and Conscious Eating for Weight Loss

One of the most interesting and effective ways to help stimulate weight loss and to keep it off is through the practice of mindful eating or conscious eating. In the Hypnodieting Programme for weight loss in Hertfordshire, we teach you the all-important principles of this approach. According to a Harvard University research report, mindful eating or conscious eating habits play a big role in keeping in check the calories you consume. The method encourages you to eat without distractions and […]

Why is mindfulness in London becoming so popular?

Mindfulness in London When you consider that London now ranks as one of the most stressed-out cities in the world, it’s easy to see why the practice of mindfulness in London is becoming so popular. Mindfulness is based on very ancient Buddhist meditation principles. Mindfulness however is completely non-religious, and requires no particular spiritual belief or cultural context for the practitioner. The adaptation of the original traditions of meditation into the practical and teachable system of mindfulness is mainly due to […]

Did Rory McIlroy use mindfulness to become the Open Golf Champion?

So – Did Rory McIlroy use mindfulness to become the Open Golf Champion? We know that mindfulness principles are now used in every field and situation from classroom to boardroom to help increase powers of concentration and boost performance. More and more top-level sportsmen are also becoming practitioners of this simple and effective technique in the never-ending quest to develop that vital edge. But did Rory McIlroy use mindfulness to become the Open Golf Champion? He certainly hasn’t said so openly yet, so this can only […]