Hypnotherapy by Hypnowellness

Recognised as a potentially effective intervention since the 1950s, Hypnotherapy is fast becoming the go-to method to help promote behavioural change. As the science behind this technique becomes ever-more established and understood, more and more medical professionals are referring clients for hypnotherapy in Highgate for help with a broad spectrum of conditions and issues. Hypnotherapy has in the past been thought of mainly as a method for smoking cessation or dealing with fears and phobias, but there are even more wide-ranging benefits […]

Hypnosis for Insomnia

Can’t sleep? A hypnotic approach might help We all need sleep to function comfortably and most of us need 6-8 hours nightly. The loss of one night’s sleep can take a while to get over, but eventually we do catch up. However, long term sleep deprivation can be quite difficult to shake off. So how might hypnosis for insomnia help? Insomnia is on the rise and is increasingly becoming the cause of a visit to the GP. Unfortunately, there is […]

Weight loss and insomnia or sleep deprivation

Regular undisturbed sleep is essential for the body to maintain a healthy optimum weight, and the important connection between weight loss and insomnia or sleep deprivation is often overlooked in many weight loss methods. In an article as long ago as February 15th 2010 in the Daily Mail, Flic Everett reported: Around 60 per cent of British adults are overweight or obese, and research suggests that the cause may not be overeating or lack of exercise, but sleep deprivation.