Panic Attacks and the “Fear of the Fear”

Panic attacks can be truly terrifying experiences, and can often occur without warning. There is a sudden and extreme burst of anxiety that can result in breathing difficulties, nausea, dizziness and in some cases even a momentary loss of consciousness. Once someone has experienced a panic attack, the fear that they may have another can begin to take over, and they may start to avoid certain places or situations in order to prevent a repeat. This is what psychologists call […]

Hypnotherapy for IBS

What is IBS? IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) can present in many forms. It is a gut-centred disorder that can result in pain, cramping, and bowel problems. It is widely associated with stress. Stress can provoke feelings of anxiety and worry. Also, when the body is undergoing a period of stress one can fell overwhelmed or frantic. In response to a stress stimulus, the body will enter the “Fight or Flight response”,where the brain releases chemicals to help the body and […]

Before jumping on the Gastric Band-Wagon

A gastric band – whether it’s real or imaginary – can stop you from eating; but can it stop you from craving? In this current war on obesity; the latest weapon that the weight-loss industry is keen to promote is bariatric surgery, or “the gastric band”. Even our NHS seems more than happy to spend countless thousands of on these procedures; but not a single penny on behavioural change. This has now lead to a bizarre situation of patients who […]

Hypnotherapy by Hypnowellness

Recognised as a potentially effective intervention since the 1950s, Hypnotherapy is fast becoming the go-to method to help promote behavioural change. As the science behind this technique becomes ever-more established and understood, more and more medical professionals are referring clients for hypnotherapy in Highgate for help with a broad spectrum of conditions and issues. Hypnotherapy has in the past been thought of mainly as a method for smoking cessation or dealing with fears and phobias, but there are even more wide-ranging benefits […]

Compassion and Self-Esteem

How Self-Esteem Develops During our formative years, we begin to develop an “inner-voice” that will accompany us throughout our lives. This inner-voice is constantly with us. It develops as a mixture of our parents, teachers and authoritative adults, and is honed through our experiences of reward, punishment, encouragement, and criticism. When we have failed to live up to our own expectations, it will criticise and cajole us. When we have done something praiseworthy, it will congratulate us. However, if the […]