A Bribe To Help You Stop Smoking (If you’re pregnant that is)

£400 to stop smoking?

On Thursday, Radio 4’s Today Programme ran a great story about the £400 bribe – sorry – “incentive” offered to pregnant mums-to-be to persuade them to stop smoking.

Stop smoking with hypnosis
Click image to hear interview with Mel Fallowfield


It seems the fact that smoking during pregnancy is likely to result in an underweight baby with many other health risks also attached is not quite enough. Amazing the power that the offer of a four hundred quid Argos voucher can wield.

The study, which was led by Professor Linda Bauld is of the University of Stirling and was published in the British Medical Journal earlier this week, showed that a significant number of women responded positively (even though the percentage of quitters was still very low). So along with every other Hypnotherapist on planet earth, I’m wondering when the NHS will finally see the benefit of hypnosis. Why mention this? Because a contributor to the programme, Mel Fallowfield, (a mum of two who smoked all the way through her first pregnancy and part way through her second), was asked how she came to finally stop smoking. Pleading? Bribe? Threat?

No, she just saw a Hypnotherapist…

…and I bet it cost less than £400!