Antidepressants And Our Attitude

At last! Brilliant article in the Daily Mail today about antidepressants and our attitude as a socity to mental health. Read it HERE
This article should be required reading for anybody involved in the field of therapy – whether as a client or patient; or as a provider. I have seen so many people in my practice over the last couple of years who start to significantly improve when they become actively involved in their own wellbeing.

The realisation that “happiness” is not actually a natural state; nor something that we are all owed by right is a greatly liberating truth. A truly healthy mental state is one of simply feeling “OK”. All therapy should lead us to this condition; not to some unattainable state of “bliss” that is simply not realistic. By being “OK” we are able to experience joy when good things happen to us; and are also equally able to cope when bad things happen. The world will continually throw good and bad things at us and we have no control over this; but we can learn to control how we react to it, and that is what “mental health” means.